Mateusz Kwaśniewski

Web Performance Optmisation - faster websites (on hold) 🇵🇱 🇬🇧 3 days

What will I learn?

Why should I care?

What's the class format?

Hands-on workshops. Tens of exercises showing almost every single aspect of WPO.

In the beginning you get a very slow loading website and we speed it up step by step.

Next, we improve scroll based animations so that they render smoothly on older devices.

Once we get to know the classical optimisations we learn newer technique related to HTTP/2, Service Workers and modern Single Page App frameworks.

Finally we audit of one of the publically available websites.

Is this website fast?



Network optimisations

Rendering pipeline

CSS loading

JS loading

Single Page Apps

Font loading

Image loading

Runtime optimisations (scroll, animations)